What we do

Our future strategy and Dyson goods both depend heavily on software. From conception to architecture, design, implementation, testing, and support for the whole line of Dyson products, our teams create software. We work as a multicultural, international team with several locations in the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, China, the Philippines, and Poland. Utilizing current expertise, Dyson software will integrate the newest technology into our consumer goods. Our teams build the full stack of software, including embedded software for new or existing products, iOS and Android development for the Dyson Link App, cloud services that complement the Dyson Link App, robotics and algorithm development for our intelligent machines, and more. We operate according to the Scaled Agile Frameworks (SAFe). Dyson's position as a trailblazing global technology company is further cemented by automated test systems and the integration of all the technologies we use to power our Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline at the core of our development. As Dyson technology advances, our software reach has expanded, and no Dyson product functions without our software. This means that whenever you use any Dyson product, you will have used software that we have created. We developed and improved our algorithms and displays to indicate the air quality as we programmed the solutions that made it possible for our environmental care items to connect and operate without a hitch in your connected home. By employing our displays to present dirt cleaning data in the v15 cordless vacuum, our software has put our cordless cleaning capacity in our users' hands. Our robot vacuums were made possible by our cutting-edge algorithms, machine learning, vision systems, and robotics. Together with our Dyson Link app, which boasts over 4 million linked items, we've improved every element of our owners' technology-using experiences.

Regarding the role

You'll be a knowledgeable robotics software engineer with top-notch coding abilities. You will participate in the creation of complicated features while working in a cross-functional, agile team to guarantee Dyson keeps developing cutting-edge goods that will please our consumers.

As the Dyson product line continues to grow, you'll work in collaboration with architects, software engineers, and specialty engineers to help solve a wide and interesting variety of robotics issues.
You would preferably possess a professional understanding of algorithm creation for large, sophisticated systems, including hardware, embedded software, and robotics subsystems, with a focus on behavioral software. You will also have a drive to study and exchange ideas and methodologies across many technological areas.

the person in charge of designing and developing the features and behaviors of domestic robots.

With a focus on the underlying algorithms, work together with software developers to build and verify robot behaviors for production quality.

Conduct feature discussions, algorithmic analysis, documentation, design, coding, testing, maintenance, and result monitoring as you oversee the complete life cycle of several connected, complicated modules and systems.

Determine the solutions at risk and the key enablers.

Participate in the infrastructure/environment configuration for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).

a great focus on product performance and good product sense.

Assume the role of a subject matter expert (SME) in a particular field, educating, directing, and mentoring engineers in methodology, best practices, and standards.

proactive in identifying technological hazards in projects and influencing engineering teams to address them.

extensive participation 

Regarding you
a bachelor's degree or higher in robotics engineering, computer science, mathematics, or a related field.

Experience with localization, SLAM, motion trajectory control, object detection and recognition, image processing, task management, manipulation, path planning, automated control, robotics systems, or machine learning, to name a few.

5+ years of experience developing applications for embedded systems

Excellent object-oriented programming, both in terms of speed and general quality, especially the ability to build high-performance C++ code for current products, is a must.

strong programming skills with many threads and synchronization techniques.

ability to implement design patterns, the STL, and the boost C++ libraries in daily activities.


Dyson Singapore keeps an eye on the market to guarantee fair pay and benefits. In addition, you will receive full medical coverage and insurance, as well as a transportation allowance. But a Dyson career's financial rewards are just the beginning. Regular evaluations and engaging workshops fuel fresh prospects for professional development, leadership advancement, and other outcomes. Additionally, it's an engaging team atmosphere designed to foster and realize ambition thanks to a lively culture, cutting-edge technology, and a flexible dress code reflecting our engineering ethos.



the capacity to continually learn and develop.

Agile practice knowledge is a bonus.

A bonus is knowledge and expertise in the construction of embedded systems, covering protocol, architecture, behaviors, security, etc.

professionalism, outstanding communication abilities, and the capacity to convey complicated information at all levels.

enthusiasm for working in multidisciplinary teams and with coworkers, as well as technical development assistance.

We anticipate a highly experienced applicant to have strong technical leadership abilities and the capacity to direct the work of others. An advantage is having knowledge of overseeing complicated software development projects.

Independent, integrity-driven, and self-driven individuals who place a significant emphasis on outcomes will help the entire team achieve its objectives.

speaks and writes English with ease

Dyson is an employer that values diversity. Great brains don't think similar, and different types of minds are needed to create our technology's distinctiveness. Applications from all backgrounds are accepted, and job choices are made without consideration of a person's ethnicity, color, or religion.